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If you want to start an online business, the Formula will be the most important material you've ever studied as Amazon niche sites is the most profitable model of online income right now.

Niche sites require small initial investments and have a huge potential to bring you tons of money. You will build something that will pay dividends for years to come.

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Why Amazon?

Because when you select Amazon Associates Program all you have to worry about is getting people from your site to amazon.com. Just get people to Amazon and Amazon will do all the job for you.

You can actually make tons of money selling products that you are not really pitching. Since a person lands on Amazon page within 24 hours you will get a commission on all the stuff he purchased.

You don’t have to worry about niches being oversaturated as a dozen new niches popping up on Amazon and you still can get your commission. So you have a great chance to scoot in under the radar and pick up all the scraps that experts don’t care about.

No fluff. No filler.

Learn my exact strategies for every stage of the Amazon niche site building process. I will give you easy-to-follow instructions that take you through the step-by-step process so even your mom can build her site.

There are so many moving parts to building and growing a niche site that it can become overwhelming if you're new to space.

However, once you have my actionable strategies, you can see that everything is connected and easier than you expected.

Once you learn my system, nothing stops you from building two or even more niche sites. Just watch what I do and imitate, step-by-step. Unlike other courses, I actually show you how it’s done.

No boring presentations. No complicated explanations. I describe every step of the process so you can follow along and implement everything I do. Seriously, it doesn’t get any more practical than this.

Get results faster than anyone bypasses the usual pitfalls and mistakes most newbies make.

3 stones of a successful niche site

  • Keywords

    Picking the right niche is just the first step. How to use it effectively to uncover the right kinds of keywords is a whole other question. If you are guessing at any point, you aren’t doing it properly. You need a method.
  • Content

    It’s not as simple as just writing about a topic. Your content needs to be appealing to both - your readers and Google. To convert readers into buyers you need to know how to write informational and product review posts.
  • Backlinks

    Even if you’ve got this far, your site won’t rank without backlinks. It’s no secret, link building is hard but only if you don't know what you are doing. Scaling true white hat link building is easy with The Formula. Powerful backlinks from related sites are the key to earnings and success.


Why this formula is only one of its kind, and how it will transform your entire life?

This formula has taken me YEARS to create in a form you see it now. I have gone through rigorous testing and studies. I read the most valuable blogs and learned from the every possible marketing experts I could find.

Years I was drooling over others’ success stories while being frustrated that I had spent so much time without being able to turn my passion into a meaningful online income.

While I was researching I was working 9-5... I wasn't hated my job but I hated the fact that I had to get up every day and go to the office, listen to the boss and spend my time on useless tasks.

Obviously, I was doing something wrong.

And clearly, it wasn’t my talent, work ethic or dedication that was the problem. The problem was in focus!

One day I said myself: "Stop and focus on only one method and nail it!"

I changed my focus to study only one method and it changed everything completely.


Is Formula Right For Me?

This is for everyone... but you need to do the work.

Formula covers everything you need to build a highly profitable niche site. Once you know how, nothing stops you from building two or even more sites. Just watch what I do and imitate, step-by-step.

Even if you’ve never built a website and don't know anything about affiliate marketing, this formula will take you through every step of setting up your Amazon niche site.

If you’ve tried different methods and did not succeed, the formula will give you an easy-to-follow method to help correct your past mistakes and make sure you’re successful this time around.

I’ve learned everything I know from hardcore and in-the-trenches experience, and that's why I’m paying it forward to starters like you so you can reach success faster.

The best part is that I'll show you the ACTUAL examples of successful sites. That means you can visit the site, see it live and analyse it. Seriously, it doesn’t get any more practical than this.

This alone is worth the entire cost of the Formula.

Using all the learnings inside the Niche Site Formula, your business will be growing steadily!

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Successful Amazon niche site examples



Earnings: $70,000/mo
Total Visits: 1,540,000
Search traffic: 89%
Global rank: 51,335

RunnerClick gained rapid momentum due to their consistent outreach efforts. They rank extremely well for many buyer-oriented keywords and have a ton of product reviews. It's hard to estimate the total revenue, but it would not surprise me if this site was doing over $70,000 per month.

10 beasts


Earnings: $40,000/mo
Total Visits: 365,000
Search traffic: 78%
Global rank: 178,117

10beasts has under 20 pages of actual content, but because of the strong linking profile, it has been a successful affiliate site for the last couple of years. While it's tough to estimate the income, I'd guess it is around $40,000 per month because of all the traffic the primary articles receive.

health ambition


Earnings: $20,000/mo
Total Visits: 222,000
Search traffic: 61%
Global rank: 334,628

Healthambition is a really good example of correct SEO, it is full of useful pretty long-form content and product review. Healthy eating is a tough niche to crack, but guys have done a great job. It's hard to estimate the revenue, but it is around $20,000 per month.



Earnings: $8,000/mo
Total Visits: 75,000
Search traffic: 73%
Global rank: 663,822

420beginner is a great example of making big money by going really niche. The site features review articles and in-depth guides. Due to the superb content, SEO, and quality links, it was able to rank very well. In 2017 this site was sold for $165,000 on Flippa.

Want to see proof of income?

Do you want to see the proof of income and how much your niche site can earn? Let’s go to the marketplace where people sell their niche sites for tons of money.

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9 tools you need

Every site owner can’t work without tools like a chef can’t cook without knives.

Google Docs


Who's Behind The Formula

Hey there, my name is Roman and this is my story...

In the spring of 2004 during my day job as a Marketing Manager I got my first taste of online business. I decided to build my first blog about movies (budomate.com), and it affected all my life as a marketing expert.

Since 2008 I have been a part of many interesting projects testing different methods and models at Westpac, HCF, NAB, Jurlique cosmetics, Rocket internet, and other companies. Since then I was hustling my butt off testing different models and methods to make money online.

Building niche sites was always a side hustle for me but only until the one sunny Australian day in 2015 when a top manager of Westpac Bank approached me offering a senior position with a 6-figure salary in a business development team.

This was a moment where I was forced to decide - stuck in the cubical office or move on. After a couple of days I decided I had enough of 9-5 days, and it's time to make something different in my life. I refused the offer, quit my corporate job on September 30, 2015, and never looked back since then.

But... I'm still a student and learn every day from experts with un-ignorable marketing knowledge like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Rand Fishkin, Derek Halpern, Pat Flynn and young lads like Glen Allsopp, Nathan Gotch, Chris Lee, Servando Silva who bring the infinite supply of experience and wisdom.

Unlike many “marketing gurus” out there who are trying to squeeze you for every dollar, I’m a real hands-on marketer who advises only the things that I tested and really work. With over 15 years of experience, I proudly can say that I'm a top-notch professional.

Since 2001, I’ve built a number of different websites ranging from small pages to big directories and even created an eCommerce store not so a while ago (jabcrosstshirts.com). I tried it all.

I’ve been a part of a Clickbank craziness in the early 2000s and AdSense publisher making $1000 a month purely on posting women dress images on a website between 2008-2012 (what a time!).

After years of trials, errors, and wins, I've learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to building a successful online business.

I have tested so many monetization methods that I can’t remember all of them, and eventually in 2012 Amazon Associates proved to be the most reliable and profitable method.

Many years of experience with the Amazon Affiliate Program turned into The Formula.

No fluff, no clickbait.

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Here's What You'll Get When You Join Formula

You’ll get my start-to-finish guide on how I build my niche site empire and skyrocketed my income. It’s so much easier to get from point A to point B if you have a system to follow with proven principles and strategies that work.

Attention: "This is possible" will be programmed into your psyche.

  • Module 1 - Niche Selection

    You will be focused on niche research, following a foolproof step-by-step process to find the most profitable niche.
  • Module 2 - Keyword Research

    Learn how to do keyword research the right way using different tools and plan your upcoming site from start to finish.
  • Module 3 - Domain & Hosting

    Find out how to select a brandable domain name, which domain suffixes to choose and how to find fast and reliable hosting.
  • Module 4 - Brand & Design

    Colors and brand name have an undeniable effect on buyers. Learn which colors promote buying behavior and how to build a brand.
  • Module 5 - WordPress

    This critical step shows you how to install WordPress, plugins and a theme, Google Webmaster, and Google Analytics.
  • Module 6 - Content

    This module teaches how to plan and create content. Get the most from your posts by optimizing them for buyer conversion.
  • Module 7 - Outsourcing

    Learn how to work with freelancers, where to find them, which mistakes to avoid and how to save money on hiring writers.
  • Module 8 - On-page SEO

    Find out how to write powerful titles, use meta tags, tables and calls to action to get the best conversion rates and max Amazon commission.
  • Module 9 - Amazon Program

    Find out how to register as Amazon Associate, create tracking tags and read reports, and maximize your conversion.
  • Module 10 - Linkbuilding

    The most important module where you will learn the best tactics and methods to reach the top of Google search results using backlinks.
  • Module 11 - Tool

    I will show you how to use FREE tools to get even better results. Find out how to track results and measure your growth.
  • Module 12 - Tips

    Get advice on how to hire talented freelancers for cheap, get articles for just $5, and use expensive tools for almost nothing.
30 days

Unbeatable Guarantee

30-Day Money-Back
Try the ENTIRE course for 30-days, and if you aren’t just absolutely impressed, find something valuable, see how my methods can help your site, or find this isn’t a fit for you, just let me know, and I’ll refund your money 100%. That’s how SURE I am you are going to find something you love in this course.

Unlimited Email Support
Your enrollment comes with unlimited consulting via email directly with me. Don’t just build your niche site alone. I'm here to help you out, give you guidance, and make sure you’re headed in the right direction. Don't worry, I've got your back.


Got a question?

  • Is it for beginners?
    I take a teaching style that is conducive to all levels of learners. If you are new, there are some basic videos and other training that will get you up to speed quickly. If you are more advanced, you can skip some of these "basic" training sections. It is absolutely beginner-friendly.
  • Do I need to be a tech or marketing expert?
    No, everything you need to know about "building" your niche site is taught in the course. I will teach you how to use many tools which makes it very easy to grow your website.
  • How big of a budget will I need?
    A starting budget of $500 is recommended for the first 12 months to cover content, domain, hosting, and tools. Within 12 months, expect to be earning $1,000 to $3,000 per month, easily recouping your investment!
  • How is much work per day required?
    Depending on your understanding of the material and your commitment to putting what you learned into action, you can invest just a couple hours per week or 3 hours per day for faster results.
  • What happens after you buy the course?
    You’ll get instant access to the members’ area of the course and can begin learning from the modules and bonus content immediately. With your user ID and password, access the course at any time and any place.
  • Will this course be updated?
    Of course! Updates are free of charge to every member so that you always have the latest and greatest tips on making money through Amazon affiliate marketing.
  • Do you offer a refund?
    There’s a 30-day money back guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it out. If you aren’t ready for the course or feel it’s not for you, just email me within 30 days describing your actions and results. I’ll refund 100% of your money.

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Well, there are actually three reasons...

1. "Give back" is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's 6 rules of success and I totally agree with it. No one is a self-made man, we all part of the community. Reaching out and helping people will bring you more satisfaction than anything else you have ever done.

2. Help you to escape the rat race. The smart person wants to hustle a way out of a steady job at the office and live on own terms. I want to help you to change your life because like-minded people without financial chains can create a better world.

3. I'm tired of seeing all these "gurus" in Ferrari selling you the "get-rich-quick" systems on how to become a millionaire overnight with no hard work, or promoting special tools where technology will do the job for you.

Success comes with focus and effort and you control both.

You just need a proven method and I'm sure the Formula will be the start of a good business relationship between us for years to come.

With all that said, you need to...

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This is a “no fluff” approach to building a real business that makes all the difference compared to other courses. Once that feeling of “this is possible!” will be programmed into your psyche, your site will take off.

One more thing, the formula is highly scalable. If you are looking to build a portfolio of passive income sites as efficiently as possible, you can do it with no limitation.

Building niche sites is a process that does take time and dedication, so the more you put upfront, the more you get out later. Just bring a good work ethic.

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